There are endless beers for you to enjoy Monday through Sunday, day or night, and casually or socially. Leveraging your beer experience can be difficult if you only save it for those weekend nights, so expanding your horizon of hops can be tremendously beneficial. After all, there is so much beer and so little time. We want to help you get through this lifetime by trying as many beers as you can, so you are prepared for the next lifetime when you’re a beer connoisseur, rooted in hops, aligned with the mindful process of fermentation, and as authentic as every bottle. No matter if you’re grabbing the nearest brewski to pair with your lunch or coming home from a hard day’s work, there is a beer for you. But if you’re looking for a community experience with quality beer and exceptional BBQ, then head to Lucky Girl Brewing Company. We’re more than just a brewery, we’re an experience. 

Monday – Pilsners

Alright, it’s the beginning of the week. Mondays mean different things to different people: some are motivated for the week to start, some are still nursing a hangover from the prior Saturday, and some could just be dreading the work-week, already defeated by the 40 hours they have yet to complete. No matter where your current mind-set is, there’s a beer for it.

  • Avery Brewing Co. – Joe’s Pils – It’s a contemporary version of the classic pilsner with the right amount of hop and floral bitterness. A bit drier than others in the same family. 
  • Victory Brewing Co, – Prima Pils – This is a crisp pilsner with notes of floral, citrus, lemon, and spice. It offers a nice balance of flavors, making it smooth and easy to drink. 
  • Sixpoint Brewery – The Crisp – This pilsner has signature floral notes that is a common characteristic among other pilsners. It finishes with a crisp, clean, and refreshing note. 

Tuesday – Stouts 

Forget about Mondays being the worst day of the week, Tuesdays are a pit of despair. A black void with no light and no hope. There’s nothing to look forward to with Tuesdays, they kind of just exist. The invention of Taco Tuesdays was implemented to lessen the burden of having to deal with this step-child of weekdays. For this particular day, you need something that helps you transcend your self-loathing and the loathing you have towards having had to complete the day. 

  • Left Hand Brewing – Milk Stout – It isn’t actually brewed with milk, rather, the word is used to describe the creamy and sweet flavors that are paired with the chocolate and vanilla flavors. 
  • Stone Brewing – Xocoveza – Characteristic of the style, this beer is rich in chocolate tastes, but also has chili and vanilla. It’s a great dark and rich beer to have with a flavorful meal. 
  • Great Divide Brewing Co. –  Yeti – Rich in hops, chocolate, coffee, and burnt caramel, this beer is thick and almost dessert-like. 

Wednesday – Sours

The middle of the week. You’re almost there, but you’re just as close to Monday as you are to Friday. There’s an excitement in the air as you get closer to the weekend, which calls for some fun flavors that will help you get through the next couple of days. But, because you’ve made it this far, you should reward yourself and visit Lucky Girl Brewing Company and enjoy some top-tier beers and seriously tasty small bites.

  • Verhaeghe – Duchesse de Bourgogne – This is a very appealing and traditional sour with a deep reddish-brown color that can be attributed to its many months spent maturing in oak barrels.  
  • Westbrook Brewing Co. – Westbrook Gose – Perfect if you’re not the biggest fan of hop flavors. This beer has citrus aromas that mix well with the acidity of the sourness. Overall, a refreshing beer. 
  • Call to Arms Brewing Co. – Frightened Baby Chipmunk – A Belgian-style sour beer that has sweet fruity and grainy tastes that interact nicely with subtle hop flavors. The aromas of lemon and orange are inviting and enjoyable.    

Thursday – IPAs

It might as well be the weekend, but it’s not just yet. You might have work in the morning, so we’re not going to tell you how much to drink; all we’re saying is that if you plan on partaking on the ever-popular “Thirsty Thursdays” then reach for something that will carry you into a night of drinking. It doesn’t matter if your night is going to consist of heavy or light drinking, as your initial beer consumption should look the same. Starting with beer will give you a clear-headed buzz that hard alcohol surpasses. What you want to avoid is your alarm clock going off and you have to get ready for work and you can’t remember coming home last night. For Thursday, go for beers that will appease your excitement for the coming weekend, but will also respect your work schedule. 

  • Great Lakes Brewing – Commodore Perry IPA – This IPA is brewed in the British tradition, with caramel malt and hop flavors paired together to create an easy and classic taste.  
  • Odell Brewing – Indian Pale Ale – It’s not the trendiest of beers, but has all the classic flavors of an IPA that make it really good. The balance of malt and hop flavors make the beer easy to drink. 
  • Lucky Girl Brewing Co. – IPA – This IPA is ideal if you like more flavor in your beer. This beer is hopped with citra hops and has bursts of tropical and fruit flavors. This beer goes great with any of our “Handhelds” found on our menu.    

Friday – Wheat Beers

Friday is the first Saturday, but arguably the best version of it. You’re excited to get the weekend started, so you look towards an alcoholic beverage that meets your need of consuming a beer high in alcohol content, but not something that is going to ruin your weekend early. Once you get off work, grab a beer and put your feet up. No matter if you’re taking a hard nap after work, or pushing through your sleep deprivation and enjoying a night out, you’ve earned it. You made it and you’re here. Come to Lucky Girl Brewing Company because we’d be happy to celebrate with you! 

  • Odell Brewing – Easy Street Wheat – A strong wheat and grain flavor are paired with subtle citrus aromas. It has a strong carbonation that leaves a lingering and sharp bitterness. 
  • Avery Brewing – White Rascal – Banana, clove, and tangerine flavors counteract the yeast-dominant aromas. The orange peel added into the recipe makes it a singular beer experience than other wheat beers. 
  • 21st Amendment – Hell or High Watermelon – Brewered with watermelon puree, this is an easy beer to drink, popularly referred to as the perfect beer for people who don’t like beer. 

Saturday – Porters

You had the entire day to relax or do chores, it really just depends on how you usually spend your weekends. Some people like to take this entire day to drink and oftentimes start in the mid-morning to mid-afternoon. If you’re starting in the morning, then try something light, like a light lager or IPA. Remember that your body just woke up and may need some hand-holding until it is ready for whatever kind of alcoholic consumption you had in mind. If you’re starting in the evening, then you have all the freedom in the world to choose what you want. It’s the only night of the week that is truly yours, so the sky’s the limit with this one. 

  • Great Lakes Brewing Co. – Edmund Fitzgerald Porter – A dark beer with chocolate and nutty aromas. Given the chocolate, nut, and spice blends, there is a clean aftertaste.
  • Hill Farmstead Brewery – Everett Porter – Aromas of chocolate and smoke are paired with a dry, hoppy taste, giving it a classic and flavorful taste. 
  • Dangerous Man Brewing – Peanut Butter Porter – Has aromas of peanut butter as well as strong flavors of peanut butter. It is jet black but is on the light-bodied side. 

Sunday – Lagers

Ah Sunday, lazy Sunday. There’s nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning and knowing that you have nothing to do — no pressing tasks and no responsibilities. If you went out the last two nights, then the only thing on your schedule is to rest up, take is easy, and drink some good old hair of the dog. The only way out is right back in, and while many people look towards brunch specials like Bloody Marys or mimosas, the most gentle thing you could consume to help soothe your sensitive eyes and pulsing headache is a lager. Yes, it is true that there are tons of different styles of lager, and the one you choose to medicate your hangover largely depends on how severe your hangover is. Because styles of lager are broad and extend from light beers to dark beers, some lagers can contain quite a high alcohol content, so wherever you fall on the scale of needing to wear sunglasses while indoors, choose a beer that is going to get you out of your Sunday scaries. 

  • Boulevard Brewing Co.  – Boss Tom’s Golden Block – This is a light malt with a soft taste and some bitter hop flavors that pull through towards the end of the sip, but leaves you with a clean lager finish. 
  • New Belgium Brewing  – Summer Helles – New Belgium is great for providing beer with light hop bitterness, and this beer is similar. Lemon undertones keep it sweet, clean, and light. 
  • Lucky Girl Brewing Co.- Golden Lager – The delicate malt and hop flavors linger on the tongue, allowing them to fully develop and allowing you to taste the full earthy and complex notes. 

No matter if you’re headed to your favorite brewery or looking for new breweries to investigate around your town, there are endless opportunities for you to explore! For top-tier beer, however, head to Lucky Girl Brewing Company! Contact us for information about our beer and wine list.